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About the Book

A personal story of how this book came to be:

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I'm a science nerd, especially when it comes to neuroscience, and I voraciously read everything I can about the brain and how it works. Around 2006 or so, I happened on an idea that brought together the concept of neuroplasticity with what I know about humour and comedy. I was fortunate enough to have access to some genuine neuroscientists that I could talk to and see if my idea had any merit. Of course, starting with my layman's concepts of the brain, a lot of the initial details around my idea were wrong, but the core concept held up. With help, guidance, and a lot (a lot) of research, I was, over the years, able to sharpen the idea to the point where I was confident enough to get it into a book and stand by it.

Until the right experimental data backs it up, what I have is just a hypothesis about a mechanism for how humour works in the brain. Nonetheless, I feel the book really just uses the brain as a starting point, making a case that humour could be an entirely physical process, independent of the content of any one joke or humorous circumstance. This might sound like merely a quirky detail, but, as explained in the book, it frees up all humour to be explainable under a single umbrella, and without exceptions or a need for categories of humour, or anything to confuse or complicate it.

In the end, what I hope for you take from this book is a way of looking at humour that will resolve many misconceptions about how humour works, so that you have a straightforward and uncomplicated view of why a joke made you laugh, but not someone else, or vice versa. Humour is subjective, relational, contextual, and on the surface, so variable that it seems to defy any reasonable description. But that's only because most attempts to delineate humour has been looking in the wrong place. It's not the content of jokes or humorous occurances that determines what's funny. It's all in your head.

And now, the marketing approach...

With the latest scientific research into the human mind, combined with perspectives on humour from the most noted performers of comedy, along with the author's experience from a lifetime of performing comedy, Your Mind is a Funny Thing provides an insight into how humour works in the brain, and how comedy works out in the world. Why we laugh, what humour is for, how we evolved it, and its current impact on our society and lives is covered an easy to read format, designed for the casual reader while still providing a wealth of information for the professional comedian.

Whether an expert in the study of humour, a comedian looking for a deeper understanding, or even just a person who has ever wondered why we laugh, this book offers insight and guidance.

This book is for everyone who likes to laugh. Which is everyone, isn't it?