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Following the angels

My very specific and personal reasons for moving to Tokyo.

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Halfway dead

I think I fucked up my life.

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The dating puddle

Things I've learned about dating twenty years too late.

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My book about how I think humour is processed in the human brain.

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A story about artificial intelligence, love, and authenticity.

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My hack zombie apocalypse novel. Fuck it, it was fun to write. I hope you have fun reading it.

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I eat my loneliness

What's a blog for if not to be embarrassingly revealing?

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Who his daughter dates

Based on a real and random conversation with a guy about his daughter and age and dating and stuff.

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The Charisma Man Reality

A little comic strip companion to the previous posting. The reality of guys who come to Japan expecting to capitalize on the gaijin fetish.

Image: blog_charisma_man_myth

The Charisma Man Myth

The reality, racism, and human failings that are built into the notion that Japanese women go for gaijin guys.

Image: blog_transmission_to_an_ex

Transmission to an ex

Stuff I'd say to an ex girlfriend if I were going to say them. You'd probably only want to read this if you like reading random things out of other people's diaries. Which I do, but it's not for everyone.

Image: blog_running_from_my_problems

Running from my problems

I don't work out for my ego, I do it for my id.

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Assumed Orgasms

Men faking orgasms and why one night stands aren't for me.

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How Many Women is Enough

Like everything else, it's more about my fear of dying than my pursuit of sex.

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