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The Charisma Man Reality

A little comic strip companion to the previous posting. The reality of guys who come to Japan expecting to capitalize on the gaijin fetish.

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The Charisma Man Myth

The reality, racism, and human failings that are built into the notion that Japanese women go for gaijin guys.

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Transmission to an ex

Stuff I'd say to an ex girlfriend if I were going to say them. You'd probably only want to read this if you like reading random things out of other people's diaries. Which I do, but it's not for everyone.

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My standup performance schedule

If you want to catch me performing standup, this is when and where.

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Your Mind is a Funny Thing

My book about how the sense of humour works in the human mind and insights into the craft of comedy and stuff.


I mainly use this to post pictures of random things I come across that amuse me. No selfies, pictures of things I'm eating, or "look how awesome my life is" pictures. I might post things I draw or to mention if I've made something I'd like you to see.


I use this mainly to post links to things like when I've updated my blog, or maybe mentions of me in other places, and that sort of thing.