Image: autotelicprofile2013 Doing the standup thing

About Me

Hi, I'm Dave, and I'm a storyteller

I tell stories through standup comedy, writing, comics, video, or whatever media tells it best. Hopefully one day I'll actually finish my massive pile of incomplete works of narrative greatness before I die.

I'm originally from Vancouver, but I currently live in Tokyo, where I've lived the majority of my life.


About This Website

Currently, the way I'm using this site is as a launching point to get to all the different places I post my creative work on the web. So, the top page is basically just a directory so I can use one link to give to people.

This used to be more of a blog site where I'd post everything I made. There was a time when everyone had their own blogs and would share links and try and drive traffic to their own pages. But that changed a while a go, and now people are more likely to come across what you've made if you put it on sites that already have large user bases. So I post what I write on Medium, and what I draw on Instagram, and so on.

Also, I'm making this site an archive of sorts, where I'm placing everything I've made on all the other sites here as well, so I have it as a backup in case things change.