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About This Web Site

Image: autotelicprofile2013 Doing the standup thing

Hi, and welcome to my website. This site is basically just my own personal blog, where the idea is to try and be unfiltered and not self-edit and just get whatever is in my head out into the world. The theory is that if I just keep writing and making stuff, then some small percentage of it might end up being decent. There's no particular all encompassing theme, so there's fiction , personal stuff , comedy , drawings ... whatever.

About me, Dave Gutteridge

More than anything else, I like to tell stories, whether it's in writing, pictures, or whatever media tells it best. Hopefully one day I'll actually finish the massive pile of incomplete works of narrative greatness before I die.

Outside of this website, I'm a standup and improv comedian living in Tokyo. I perform standup in English and in Japanese .

I'm really into science, especially science about the brain, and, combining that with my love of comedy, I wrote a book about humour .

In the day job department, I've worked mainly with graphics, doing just about everything from animation to web design. I'm also a serial entrepreneur, having been involved in all levels of management and raising capital and other stuff for various start ups. I got good at doing programming for the web as well, but the goal in life right now is to leave the technical stuff behind and make my life all about the creative work I do.